Friday, 10 February 2017

Removal Of Ovarian Cyst Through Laparoscopy

Keyhole cyst removal or laparoscopic cyst removal surgery is an operation where surgeon uses laparoscope to operate out the cyst formed in ovary.

Advantages of keyhole cyst removal over regular surgery
Keyhole surgery is done by making a small hole rather than making large incision on body. After keyhole surgery the scars will be smaller than that of regular surgery.
Keyhole surgeries are safer than normal surgeries; laparoscopic cyst removal reduces the recovery time to 2 to 4 weeks while the normal surgery (laparotomy) takes 6 to 8 weeks. The cost is also less than that of laparotomy.

How keyhole cyst removal surgery works?
First step is to find the cyst. Laparoscope with microscope attached to its camera, tiny fiber-optic flashlight and high definition monitor at the end , is used to visualize the inner parts of ovaries and the location of cyst.
After identifying the cyst the surgeon makes small holes to pass tools required to perform laparoscopic surgery and the cysts are removed using the cuts made in skin. After the cyst is removed, the cuts are stitched using dissolvable stitches.

What all things to be taken care of after surgery?
After laparoscopic surgery the patient had to take rest for 2 weeks, giving time for the stitches to heal. Sometimes the doctors might sent cyst for testing. The results are then evaluated so that the doctor will be able to confirm if any further treatments are required or not.
Infection can also occur after keyhole cyst removal, the possible symptoms like heavy bleeding, fever, appearance of swelling in abdomen area  indicates the presence of infection.

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